Church Inside

Church Inside


Church inside is where you will find video links to our services recorded inside West Grange this past year. There are more available on our Youtube Channel and any series are in their own playlists.

We will only be uploading the sermons themselves as we believe it is important that the Church has the opportunity to hear what God is saying to us through our speakers, whether people can attend or not. Although we would encourage you to join us in person as there is something very special when God's people gather together to worship Him. 

Today Wally asked us where we were and where you are. Do you know Christ, do you have a relationship with him? Did you once come to Christ but are now no longer following him? Wally took us on a trip down memory lane remembering many of the people who have come to faith over the years through the ministry of West Grange Church. Some have impacted many and sadly some are no longer following Christ, where are you?

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