Church Inside 2020

Church Inside - 2020

Welcome to Church inside where you will find video links to our services recorded inside West Grange Church since we reopened following lockdown in 2020

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A time for Hope

Wally Bamford

Recorded 27th December 2020

This week Wally spoke to us on hope which was very appropriate in today’s climate of despair, fear and hopelessness.

Hope, in a biblical sense, is steadfast and sure. Jason lead our service this morning picking up the theme of hope.

A time for worship

Matthew 2:1-12

Recorded 20th December 2020

This week Iain Cunningham spoke to us on the wise men who came to visit Jesus from Matthew’s account.

Fernando and Sara led the service.

God's Saviour

Matthew 1:18-25

Recorded 13th December 2020 @ 11am

This week Jason Learner was speaking to us on the reason why Jesus came in three points.

1. In the beginning

2. There is no excuse

3. You must be born again

Jonathan Aldridge led the service assisted by Claire and Bryony, plus some surprises.

7 Musts in John's Gospel

John 3

Recorded 6th December 2020 @ 11am

We were back in West Grange this week. Brian Dunning spoke to us today on the 7 things we must do before we leave this life.

It was also the 2nd week in advent which is sometimes associated with peace, so we also thought about the peace that Jesus brings. Jason Learner led our service.

Keep head, Faith, Reward

2 Timothy 4

29th November 2020 @ 11am

This week we have Tony Brown form Sunbridge Road in Bradford speaking to us, due to current restrictions his message is via Zoom. He will be bringing us an encouraging and challenging message from the last chapter in 2 Timothy.

Jonathan is going to be leading us in live worship and will be playing a new song by Red Collective called "I Choose to Worship". This is another song that was released just before the original lockdown and has been a blessing to many due to its message about praising God no matter the circumstances.

We pray you will find our service this morning a blessing.

Don't lose your first love and keep going

2 Timothy 3

22nd November 2020 @ 11am

This week we have Andy & Helen Peace with us from Yorkshire Camps and also some gap year workers will be interviewed. Due to the current restrictions, these items will be via Zoom. So for one week, only Church will not be “inside”. Our songs this morning were mainly recorded at West Grange during a joint Family Service.

Work and Faith in our daily lives

2 Timothy 2

15th November 2020

Join us as we continue our series through the book of 2 Timothy. Paul Bleasby is speaking to us this week, his message recorded at home.

Fernando will be leading our time and for the first time since the lifting of the first lockdown, we will be having live music led by Jonathan and Sara.

Remembrance Sunday

Three worked examples - 2 Timothy 1

8th November 2020

Join us for our Remembrance Sunday service as we remember those who have died serving their country in the past and in more recent conflicts round the world. We also start a new series this week looking at the book of 2 Timothy.

Iain Cunningham spoke to us from Chapter 1 and Jason Learner led the service.

Our God is no soft touch

Recorded 1st November 2020

Today Geoff Bennet spoke to us from Matthew 18 where Jesus taught his followers about humility, forgiveness and the amazing love God has for each of us.

Iain Cunningham led the service.

Unexpected Jesus revealed and unrivalled

Recorded 25th October 2020

Today we thought about the transfiguration of Jesus from Matthew 17. Iain Cunningham spoke to us, Jonathan and family led the service. We pray that as you watch the service that your eyes will be opened as to who Jesus is.

So right, then so wrong

Recorded 18th October 2020

Today we thought about the apostle Peter and how he often put his foot in it. In our passage today in Mathew 16, we see at one point him get things absolutely right and then the next he is rebuked by Jesus himself.

Geoff Hoggard spoke to us more on this subject and Jason Learner led the service.

Coping when life goes on around us

Recorded 11th October 2020

This morning we had a very encouraging and challenging message from Mark Hodgkinson. He spoke from Matthew 14, when Peter walked on the water and what we can learn from the event and how we apply it to our own lives.

Fernando and Sara led our time together.

Stories to make us think

Recorded 4th October 2020

Today we had Brian Dunning teaching us about the parables Jesus taught in Matthew 13 and the importance of understanding what they mean. Jonathan led the service, Bryony ran a “guess the parable from the emoji” quiz and Claire signed a song by “Casting Crowns” called “Praise You in the storm”.

We pray you will be blessed, encouraged and challenged as you watch.

Serving Christ

Recorded 27th September 2020

Today Jason Learner was talking to us about serving Christ from Matthew 9, although in this passage we see Him doing the serving and making a difference in people lives. Iain Cunningham led the service


A Letter to those in lockdown - Sowing and reaping in Babylon

Recorded 20th September 2020

This morning we celebrated harvest and thanked God for His provision to us. We also had a collection of food which will be donated to the local food bank. Fernando & Sara led our time and Tony Brown from Bradford brought us a special message from Jeremiah to help us through lockdown.

Obedience to Christ

Recorded 13th September 2020

This morning we were looking at following and being obedient to Jesus. Our speaker was Alistair Patterson from York who spoke gave a challenging message about the calming of the storm and related that to the current predicament we all find ourselves in. The service was lead by Jason Learner.

Armour of God

Recorded 6th September 2020

We had lots of fun this morning as we learnt about the “Armour of God” from Ephesians 6 - what it is and how it helps us in our Christian walk. The service was led by Jonathan Aldridge and Phil Gibson; from Wakefield, was our speaker.

Consider Yourself

Recorded 30th August 2020

A very tenuous link from Oliver the musical, as we continue our series through Ephesians looking at Family life.

Steve Watson spoke to us from Ephesians 5:21-33 as the writer Paul talks about marriage and the relationship between husband and wife and Christ and the Church.

Let's go fly a kite

Recorded 16th August 2020

Who doesn't like kites and flying them? Join us as we continue our series through Ephesians using well know songs from musicals and films to help pick up the major themes.

This week we had Jonathan Aldridge leading the service and Iain Cunningham speaking on Ephesians 3.

Love Changes Everything

Recorded 9th August 2020

Join us as we continue our series through Ephesians using well know songs from musicals and films to help pick up the major themes.

This week we have Jonathan Aldridge leading the service and Geoff Bennet speaking on Ephesians 2.

Getting to know you

Recorded 2nd August 2020

Join us as we start a new series through the book of Ephesians, using well-known songs from musicals and films for our themes.

This was our first service since reopening.

Iain Cunningham led the service and all music was pre-recorded. Our speaker was Iain Beedham who joined us from Southwell in Nottinghamshire via Zoom.

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