In the 1940s the minister of Hunslet Baptist Church lived in a manse on East Grange Drive. A new council estate was built opposite and he invited children into his home for meetings - this eventually grew. The Rev. Wooster asked the church for a smaller manse and proposed his home become East Grange Baptist Church. It officially opened in May 1953.

During the 1960s controversy broke out in the Baptist Union of England and Wales over the person of Jesus Christ.

This led to many Baptist churches withdrawing from the union, East Grange being one of them. As they had to vacate the building they looked around for land on which to build.

Across the main road on West Grange Drive was such land. Through the guidance of God sending a qualified building manager to lodge with one of the East Grange deacons West Grange Church was built.

West Grange Church opened in October 1968.

The new extension was added in 2012.